Janelle Monaé feels that something is not right in the first images of the 2nd season of Homecoming!

Janelle Monaé feels that something is not right in the first images of the 2nd season of Homecoming!

THE Prime Video released today (6), via EW, the first images of the second year of the drama Homecoming.

And as much as Julia Roberts do not return, the new episodes will be starring the singer Janelle Monaé.

Janelle Monae takes over from Julia Roberts in Season 2 of Homecoming!

According to information, Monaé will play Jackie, an intelligent woman, but found in a canoe, if she has a memory of who she is, or how she got there.

Thus, she will team up with Walter (Stephan James) to try to unravel the mystery that surrounds her and the connection to the Homecoming initiative.

Stephan James and Hong Chau return for Season 2 of Homecoming!

Participate in the new year Chris Cooper, Joan Cusack and Hong Chau.

Check out the images:

homecoming-season-2-amazon-janelle-monae-interview-roomPhoto: Amazon Studios
homecoming-season-2-amazon-janelle-monae-boatPhoto: Amazon Studios
homecoming-season-2-amazon-janelle-monae-stephan-jamesPhoto: Amazon Studios
homecoming-season-2-amazon-joan-cusackPhoto: Amazon Studios
homecoming-season-2-amazon-hong-chauPhoto: Amazon Studios
homecoming-season-2-amazon-chris-cooperPhoto: Amazon Studios

In the plot of the first year, we know Heidi (Roberts) who works at the Homecoming Transition Support Center as a social worker and helps soldiers get back to their daily lives and routine after they are released from their missions.

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Years later, we accompanied her into her new life, where Heidi lives with her mother and works as a waitress. When a US Department of Defense official begins investigating why she left the medical center, Heidi realizes that there is more to the story than she really remembers and knows.

Homecoming is available at Amazon Prime Video, and you can read our review here.