JA Bayona explains the reason for leaving World War Z 2

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During an interview, director JA Bayona explained the reason for abandoning the direction of World War Z 2.

“We were working on that project for about a year, and we had a great idea. We were very excited. We designed great sets, and we were happy with the direction the film was taking, but somehow we never made it. a way to connect all the elements. “, said Bayona.

“There was a moment when we were close to starting production, and I wasn’t ready. I said to them, ‘Listen, I’m not ready for this, guys. There is probably someone else who can take care of it in a way that the film doesn’t is affected, ‘so I decided to abandon the project. “, added the director.
JA Bayona resigned from World War Z 2 in 2016 to take over Jurassic World 2. David Fincher took over the sequel, but the feature was postponed because of the director’s busy schedule.

The first film grossed $ 540 million worldwide, and believe it or not it is the biggest success of Brad Pitt’s career. The film follows a family that survives the zombie apocalypse, the character of Pitt, father of that family, needs to travel on a mission to discover patient zero and in return to have his family protected by the government, but instead of finding out about patient zero, he finds an effective way to hide from the zombies.

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By Milena Costa