It is through Intel processors from the Skylake line that Apple shifts to ARM systems

It is through Intel processors from the Skylake line that Apple shifts to ARM systems

Photo: Apple

Apple computers will soon be cut off from Intel chips, the Cupertino corporation has decided to switch to ARM architecture. This move should not be too surprising, after all, the company has not always built its devices based on Intel processors. Apple got in touch with Intel in 2005, when the decision was made to move away from Power PC processors, and the first computers with these systems did not hit the market until 2006.

After several years of quite fruitful cooperation, Tim Cook’s team said “Enough!” and decided to abandon the existing business partner. The company has been experimenting with ARM processors for a long time, after all, it has been driving iPad and iPhone since 2010. There have been rumors on the network about alleged work on Apple computers equipped with chips made in this architecture. Until recently, this information functioned only in the category of gossip, but eventually the corporation realized these theories.

According to François Piednoël, a former Intel engineer, this is due to Skylake processors. Piednoël stated in the pages of PC Gamer that Apple was discouraged from working with Intel, as the company constantly encountered problems with the operation of these components:

The Skylake quality assurance process was more than problematic. He was abnormally angry. […] In fact, our colleagues from Apple pointed to the most shortcomings in this architecture. And that was very, very bad. If your client finds almost as many mistakes as you do, it means you’re doing something wrong.

If Piednoël is right, Intel has buried the collaboration with Apple at its own request. If the corporation paid more attention to quality assurance, perhaps Apple would not switch to ARM processors for several years.