Is today! Premiere of EXquenta ‘On Vacation with Ex’ happens at 22h

On Vacation With Ex

On Vacation With Ex

Today, 5/14, the debut of “De Férias Com Ex”

MTV has just announced the premiere of the hour-long special with a great deal of veterans and veterans from the show: Cinthia Cruz, Gabriel Aglio, Hana Khalil, Leo Picon, MC Rebecca, Nakagima and Zoo.

This group will take a closer look at the profiles of each participant of the new season and bring many spoilers of the first unpublished episode to come. The special will air on Thursday, May 14, at 10 pm, only on MTV (TV, YouTube and Facebook).

To start (and to miss the longing, but not), each one will receive at their home, directly from MTV (and properly sanitized) the dreaded Tablet of Terror. Through it, the channel begins to reveal a little of the profiles of Bárbara Morais, Flavia Caroline, Jéssica Marisol, Mayara Cardoso, Mina Winkel, Caio Cabral, João Hadad, Rafael Vieira, Igor Adamovich and Matheus Crivella (Novinho).

These video profiles were produced directly in Jericocoara (CE), before the start of the recording of the new season and will show the newcomers and newcomers presenting themselves, revealing information about personality, main characteristics, in addition to the memorable registration videos.

“I’m ready to pick up my wallet,” anticipates Hana, owner and owner of Chernobyl’s wallets. With acid and sincere comments, the veterans team will not let it go and (from experience) will distribute all the guesses about who they think will be featured, who will kiss the most, who will be a couple, who will be the most jealous and, of course, who will create more bullshit and controversy.

In addition, they will not be missing and even a “little surprise” by Leo Picon. Get ready to quench your thirst in this virtual reunion and get to know the brave people who will embark on this unforgettable new vacation.


Premiere: Thursday, May 14, at 10 pm, only on MTV (TV, YouTube and Facebook).


Premiere: May 21st, at 10 pm, on MTV and Amazon Prime Video.

Regular screening: every Thursday at 10 pm on MTV and Amazon Prime Video.