Is dating over? Mayan honey publishes indirect to João Pedro

honey maya and john pedro

Mel Maia and João Pedro seem to be going through a difficult phase in the relationship. The actress posted a hint for her hitherto boyfriend on Twitter and raised suspicions that the relationship had come to an end.

honey maya and john pedro

Did Mel Maia and João Pedro break up? Understand

Mel Maia shared on her Twitter a little of her personal life and made her fans question whether the child actress had ended her relationship with the football player, João Pedro. They both deleted the photos that appeared together from their Instagram accounts.

It is worth remembering that João Pedro, 18 years old, was hired by the Watford team and is residing in England, maintaining a distance relationship with Mel Maia, 15 years old. The couple faced difficulties because, in England, the courtship of the two was not in accordance with the law and the actress could only visit her until then boyfriend when she turned 16, on May 4.

We see that the person didn’t really love you when she had you with you, forgetting big moments, and going to gandaia on the same day… right?

Mel Maia said on her Twitter

Mayan honey

After the actress’s tweet, which has already been deleted from her social network, João Pedro decided to explain her side of the story in her Instagram stories.

I came here to give my position, last night I didn’t go to any gandaia, I just went to the house of a friend of mine who wanted to get a tattoo and as I know the tattoo artist, who is a friend of mine, I just did the bridge.

Said the football player on his Instagram

However, Mel Maia’s mother, Débora Maia, dismissed the idea of ​​a possible breakup, stating that the couple had just fallen out.

It was just a fight, a real disagreement. It was lightning, the whites are back.

Mel Mais’s mother, Débora Maia, told Purepeople