Is Bruno Mars the son of Michael Jackson? Theory is booming on the web

Is Bruno Mars the son of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. Since then, several theories have emerged, including that the King of Pop is not really dead. Now, a theory points the singer Bruno Mars as the oldest son of Michael Jackson.

Reasons to believe that Michael Jackson is the father of Bruno Mars

One theory chose good reason to believe that Bruno Mars is the eldest son Michael Jackson claimed to have. On social networks, Internet users point out at least 7 reasons to believe this. Check out:

1 – The music

The song, released in 1982, speaks of a possible son of Michael Jackson with Billie Jean, of which he denies being the father. According to the theory, Bruno Mars would be that son. This reason is not strong, since Bruno was born only in 1985.

2 – Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter

Another reason cited by those who believe that Bruno Mars is the son of Michael Jackson, is Bruno’s real name: Peter Gene Hernandez. Michael’s fans know very well that Peter Pan is one of your favorite characters.

In Neverland, on the ranch designed by Michael Jackson, it was possible to see a golf cart inspired by the character Peter Pan.

3 – Bruno Mars at Michael Jackson’s wake

According to the theory, at Michael Jackson’s funeral it was said that his eldest son was present. Apparently, Mars attended the farewell. There is nothing to prove this statement.

4 – Michael’s father confirmed that he has a fourth child

In an interview with American TV, Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, said that Michael would have a fourth child. And that this son would be a fantastic dancer. Some Mars fans believed that Joe could be talking about the star.

However, it appears that Michael Jackson’s fourth child is Omer “Obee” Bhatti, a Norwegian rapper. Bhatti was the result of Michael’s one-night adventure with Pia Bhatti in 1983.

son of michael jackson

5 – Michael’s producer would have been dismissed shortly after stating that the King of Pop was the father of Bruno Mars

Rumors claim that a former Michael Jackson music producer would have been fired shortly after saying that Bruno Mars was the King of Pop’s son. We found no evidence to support this claim.

6 – Michael Jackson was a friend of Bruno Mars’ father (?)

A photo posted by Bruno Mars in 2010 proves that Michael Jackson knew Mars’ father (?) Pete Hernandez. Those who believe Jackson to be Bruno’s real father, use this photo as one of the proofs.

father of bruno mars

7 – The similarity between Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars

Both Bruno Mars’ voice and appearance closely resemble those of Michael Jackson. This is the biggest reason for the theory that points to both as father and son. See a comparison below:

Is Bruno Mars the son of Michael Jackson?