Iron Man: No other actor will be chosen after Robert Downey Jr. left

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We are just days away from the debut of The Avengers: Infinity War, and although we have no defined names, we know that some characters will die. The fate of Iron Man is still uncertain, but the Russo brothers have already explained that if and when Robert Downey Jr. leaves MCU, they will not choose another actor to play Iron Man.

“There is no one who can take on Robert’s Iron Man. I don’t think the public would accept that. He never told us about leaving Iron Man, but it will happen at some point in time,” comments Joe Russo.

Actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, who have been with Marvel since the beginning, have their contracts nearing the end and their characters may be in the crosshairs of the potential deaths of Infinity War – even if it remains for the second part of the movie. After the end of the contract with Downey, although Tony Stark survives, the MCU does not intend to reformulate the role for a new actor.

“He can’t play the character forever. I’m sure there are many other things he wants to do in his career. But he loves playing the character, I know that and we love working together. Let’s see where he goes from here,” adds Joe. , know that sooner or later it will happen.

For now, the first part of The Avengers: Infinity War is approaching its premiere, which should take place on April 26. Check out the trailer below:

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