Instant Hotel | Season 1 review

 Instant Hotel |  Season 1 review

For fans of realities shows Instant Hotel turns out to be a fun and extremely addictive bet, and one of the great finds, even if a little hidden, in the catalog of Netflix. If Instant Hotel it was a dish it would be a beautiful and delicious confort food, where the program that knows how to navigate between being tacky and coarse, but that is guaranteed, with good participants, and wonderful places within the distant and sunny Australia.

This is what marks this reality show, a production to be seen to see and spend time on the way to work, or with a cover on a cold day of delicious food. Instant Hotel it `s a big guilty pleasure.

But, what does Instant Hotel be so interesting? First, the series piques the viewer’s curiosity by bringing together a completely different group of people who happen to be in the same hospitality business, but with an even more different and modern format of that famous home allocation service, where here it is called instant hotel. As the program itself explains almost every episode, the booking format takes place, where people rent the participants’ homes, which look like smaller inns, but without the seriousness that a hotel itself offers.

Thus, the program accompanies participants, who own these locations in different cities in Australia, traveling in different instant hotels throughout Australia. So, the dynamics of reality show is to accompany, in each episode, a group of people in each house, where they judge and give notes for details such as decoration, cost-benefit, location, activities, and a good night’s sleep.

Presented by Luke Jacobz, who plays host in the best style Tiago Laifert, Instant Hotel turns out to be an interesting competition, after all, the participants want to win the title of best instant hotel in Australia and also the prize of the trip to the USA, so with each episode, we see each one of them open their residence and receive the other competitors. Participants are also evaluated by the owners of the house and the judge Juliet Ashworth, a renowned luxury hotel decoration expert who is far more discerning in her grades than other competitors.

Instant Hotel – Season 1 | Photo: Netflix

The dynamics of the program are much more interesting, when we see the first wave of participants showing their houses, and of course, we already see the claws coming out right away. So, the first 5 episodes of the first year, show us 5 different houses, ranging from inland cities in Australia like Humpty Doo, with the couple Adam and Kathypassing by the retro house of Mark and Jannine, to the houses on the beaches, that of the couple Sam and James, and the super competitive mother and daughter Babe and Bondi, reaching even the most demanding couple, Brent and Leroy.

The coolest in the reality show is that the production manages to create a classic narrative of the programs of the genre in giving space to those who stand out and are more vocal, and which of course create conflicts and friction with each other. And that’s what leaves Instant Hotel, much more interesting, because after all, if a participant turns out to be very careful with the competitor’s house, we are encouraged to follow the next episodes to learn more about his house. What Instant Hotel assures us is that the more expressive the participant is, the more problems we will see when we arrive at his house, on the famous glass roof.

Luke Jacobz, Sturt Hinton, Shay Razaei, Lynne Walsh, Simon Stoddard, Bec Gange, Tristan Gange, Mikey Gelo, and Serena de Comarmond in Instant Hotel (2017)Instant Hotel – Season 1 | Photo: Netflix

Thus, the structure of the season is divided into two, after all, in the second wave we are introduced to new locations, new participants, and of course, new conflicts. Instant Hotel fails in that break, but at least in the first season, manages to maintain the competitive atmosphere, and presents us with curious characters, and houses that stand out for being both flashy and beautiful.

In the second wave, Instant Hotel goes to Australia’s best known places like Melbourne with friends Serena and Stuart and the city of Brisbane with the couple Terry and Anita. And yet the season presents us with fun participants like the brothers Bec and Tristan, and friends with benefits Lynne and Simon, and troublemakers Mikey and Shay.

Thus, we see the competition getting much tougher in this second part, where the little things about the dispute for the suite rooms, or even, about the descriptions of the houses online, generate situations with dramas, and even super malicious comments to all sides.

Instant Hotel, so bring together the winners of both stages for a double season finale, where the winning participants open their houses again, where we can see the renovations they’ve made, and of course, see if the alliances they may have formed over the season help winning the program.

For the first season of Instant Hotel, ArrobaNerd scores an 8 out of 10.