Instagram and YouTube take time to combat inappropriate coronavirus content

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Contrary to what many may think, it’s not just an algorithm’s job to evaluate complaints and remove inappropriate content from social networks like Instagram and YouTube, a team of experts accompanies and manages this process. However, a lot of inappropriate content and fake news about the Covid-19 are circulating on social networks; understand the reason why this happens:

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Covid-19: Inappropriate content is still on platforms like Instagram and YouTube

The platforms have already warned that the coronavirus prevents their team from working at the same pace as before and, therefore, inappropriate and reported content is staying longer on these networks. Instagram announced, on the last 24, a measure to prevent false news about the disease during the pandemic.

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In addition to making “Em Casa” stickers available for users to use when publishing stories and the like, the social network also redirected searches about the coronavirus to information from WHO, the World Health Organization.

The pandemic hindered the filtering process of the reported publications, as the companies’ staff are reduced due to quarantine. However, both YouTube and Instagram have gained even more recognition during the quarantine through those made by artists and other diverse professionals.