Insatiable Season 2 gets trailer; watch!

 Insatiable Season 2 gets trailer;  watch!

Get your tiaras … Patty is back!

THE Netflix released the first trailer for the new season of Insatiable which returns on the streaming service in October.

With roadmaps Lauren Gussis of the series Dexter and Once Upon A Time, Insatiable is described with a comedy of acid humor and revenge that accompanies the trajectory of Patty (Debby Ryan) who for years suffered bullying, was ignored and underestimated by her colleagues, all because of her weight.

Now that she is thinner, Patty is ready to work out her revenge on everyone who made her feel bad about herself.

When Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), a lawyer not very good at what he does but who is addicted to beauty contests, realizes the potential of the young man he welcomes Patty under his wings.

Thus, she becomes her first real customer and he promises that he will help her become the best Miss of all and win all contests. What Bob and his wife Coralee (Milano) they don’t know, it’s the size of Patty’s anger and how far she’s going to take revenge on those who treated her badly.

The first year of the series was heavily criticized at the time of release, but the production was renewed by Netflix.

First photos of the 2nd Season of Insatiable released in October released!

In the cast we still have Christopher Gorham, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi and Sarah Colonna.

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Insatiable returns in October 11 on Netflix.