In the comics, Ant-Man has physically assaulted his wife

In the comics, Ant-Man has physically assaulted his wife

Ant-Man and the Wasp made its debut in theaters last Thursday (5) and is the sequel to the film released in 2015, which many believed would be Marvel’s first failure, which we know was a big mistake. But that could have happened if something obscure that involved the characters in the comics had been addressed. Understand below.

As many already know, in the comics, the first character to become Ant-Man was Hank Pym himself. He ended up marrying Janet van Dyne, the original Vespa, and the two participated in the founding of the Avengers. However, the brilliant scientist has always been plagued by some psychiatric problems and has been pushed aside by the group.

In a desperate attempt to become important again within the Avengers, Pym created a robot to attack the team that only he would be able to defeat. Janet soon learned of her husband’s plans and tried to stop him from executing it. But the scientist didn’t even want to know: he told his wife to shut up and slapped her, making her fall to the floor.

That was a moment that tarnished the story of the hero in the comics. But according to writer Jim Shooter, responsible for the story, he never intended to turn him into an abusive husband.

“In this story, there is a scene where Hank should have hit Janet accidentally, throwing his hands up in despair and frustration. (The artist) Bob Hall, who learned from John Buscema to always take things to the extreme, turned it into a crusade! We didn’t have time to draw again, and that caused Hank Pym’s tragic story, ”said Shooter.

Marvel even touched on the moment a few times later, either as a way to alleviate the damage or just worsen Pym’s image. But either way, he has this stain in his comic book history.

To avoid any controversy, Marvel chose to put this bad side of Hank Pym aside in the films, turning him into a mentor for Scott Lang and his daughter, Hope van Dyne, but maintaining his brilliant intellect.