‘I Never’: Actor in the series has an incredible theory for season 2

‘I Never’: Actor in the series has an incredible theory for season 2

The series , gives Netflix, remains firm and strong in the list of the most watched on the platform. The program has a very diverse cast and an exciting story, while being extremely entertaining.

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With the success, fans are already looking forward to a second season. The actor Darren Barnet, The Paxton Hall-Yoshida, has a wonderful theory for what should happen in the second season. Check out!

Theories for the second season of

Although a second season has not yet been confirmed by Netflix, it is very likely that it will happen. Lang Fisher, who co-created the series with Mindy Kaling, said, in an interview with, that he is “optimistic”.

Actor Darren Barnet is also confident that a second season will arrive, and he confessed to what has some theories as to what should happen to his character, Paxton, and Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan).

At the end of the first season, Paxton ended up involved in a kind of love triangle with Devi and Ben (Jaren Lewison). Only in the last episode did Paxton realize that he might also be enjoying Devi.

He cares about her, you know, whether as a friend or more. He has this connection with her.

Barnet said to.

According to Barnet, the relationship between Devi and Paxton could be different in a second season of The actor comments that it would be interesting to see a role reversal.

She [Devi] he’s been after Paxton for the whole season and he’s just accepting the fact that he might like her. So, maybe in the second season, he realizes that it’s too late.

Reports the actor.

Despite the mood between Ben Gross and Devi Vishwakumar at the end of the first season, Barnet still believes there is hope for Paxton and Devi.

I’m trying to find out if Devi really has feelings for Ben… or just the idea of, you know, like, ‘Wow, we’ve always been enemies and now we’re falling in love.’

Barnet continues, in an interview with.

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Will Paxton fight for Devi in ​​a second season?

Barnet bet on a kind of duel with Ben, to see who will have Devi’s heart, in the second season. “I would love for Ben to try the swim team and compete with me or something. We would have all this rivalry. I think it would be very funny ”, he confesses.

Another point to be explored in the second season is the possible move of Devi and the family to India. Barnet thinks that this situation may be ideal for Paxton to show that he really cares about Devi.

I think this can be a really interesting part of the season. […] What if Paxton went to India to find Devi? I think it would be really cool if they did that.

Concludes Barnet.

If these theories are going to materialize, only the second season can tell. Meanwhile, fans are creating more possibilities for the series’ plot and rooting for their favorite couple.