Hush Hush: adaptation will start filming soon

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Actor Wolfgang Novogratz, from Our Last Summer (2019), was hired to play the protagonist Patch Cipriano in the franchise Hush Hush (Whisper) and, in a recent interview with Pop Culturalist, revealed that the beginning of the recordings is near.

After talking about the recordings of The Half of It, the new Netflix film currently being filmed, he comments: “I am also connected to a film called Hush Hush, based on a series of bestselling books from the New York Times. It’s very similar to Twilight in some ways. It’s a supernatural romance between a fallen angel and a human girl. I play the fallen angel, Patch Cipriano, and the film is set to start shooting in Cape Town, South Africa, in a few minutes. months. “

In Sussurro the star will work alongside Liana Liberato, who took on the role of human protagonist Nora Gray. The project will be directed by Kellie Cyrus, already known for her work as one of the heads behind The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, series that follow in a tone very similar to Becca Fitzpatrick’s books.

In all, Fitzpatrick published four books from the franchise and the film will address the first, Whisper, released in 2009. It has not yet been announced, however, whether the other titles in the romantic saga will be adapted, but fans hope so.

The film still has no premiere date.

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