Humor, adventure and representation in comics: Adri A. launches crowdfunding of new book by Cara-Unicorn

Humor, adventure and representation in comics: Adri A. launches crowdfunding of new book by Cara-Unicorn

A young man faces an accident in a laboratory, develops new skills, goes through a process of rediscovery and takes on the responsibility of caring for his neighborhood. The synopsis is common and is already part of the imagination of fans of pop culture, but a comic artist from Rio Grande do Sul reinvented this narrative in a HQ in 2018 and, now, Unicorn Face, the protagonist half man and half unicorn created by Adri A., arrives in a new publication. To enable Unicorn Face – Vol. 2, Adri again resorts to Catharsis campaigning from March 16, 2020.

The first volume of the saga Unicorn Face it was launched two years ago also through a crowdfunding campaign. The collection reached almost double the initial target and the support of more than 300 people. The publication presented the character in four chapters that told his origin, his clumsy debut in the pantheon of comic book superheroes and introduced some of the conflicts that move his narrative universe. The second volume introduces new characters, such as his child helper, and new adventures, in addition to deepening readers about the past and the relationships of the amusing protagonist. Even so, the new book maintains the main proposal of the series: dealing with diversity with LGBTQIA + protagonists and giving visibility to people who perceive themselves to be underrepresented in superhero narratives.

The comic continues to mock and deconstruct clichés of superheroes and pop culture, and it is still a comic book with sensitive and tense moments, but approaching and giving prominence to diversity, even more in these crazy days that we have been living, has a increasing importance“, Explains the author.

The adventures of the character half boy, half unicorn, explore what is human in all of us; therefore, their stories are aimed at everyone looking for a narrative about growth, transformation and self-discovery.

Humor is a very efficient tool to access people and that aspect of Cara-Unicornio contributes to its reach. But I believe that this is not all that attracts readers. Even though it is a fantastic superhero series with a protagonist half unicorn, I have a great concern to develop the human aspects of the characters and show them vulnerable and flawed, which makes them relatable, and I think who gives a chance to Cara-Unicorn and read one of his stories ends up identifying himself and wondering what will happen next“, Reflects the author on the potential aggregator and universal of his creation.

The new book Unicorn Face it will have a circulation of one thousand copies, it will be entirely colored, it will have a 15 x 21 cm format, almost 200 pages, a core with 90g coated paper, a cover of 250g supreme cardboard, and it will be divided between chapters five, six, seven and eight, continuing the narrative presented in the debut publication. The edition also includes some pages of extra material, such as sketches, character studies and texts about the creation process. All copies made available by the financing campaign will be autographed by Adri.

The contribution categories range from R $ 30 to R $ 830 and the rewards range from the printed and digital version of the work, as well as items such as a purse, fridge magnet, sketch and postcard, among others, and the possibility of becoming a character in some future edition of Unicorn Face.

To contribute to the publication of Unicorn Face – Vol. 2, access the campaign in Catarse:

About the author

Adri A. is an illustrator and comic artist. It addresses issues related to diversity and the LGBTQIA + universe in its productions. Since 2012, he has published his works on social networks and in fanzines edited by himself. He is creator and author of Unicorn Face, comic series that satirizes superheroes and promotes LGBTQIA + representation. In 2019, the first collection of the series, Unicorn Face – Vol. 1, ran for HQ Mix Trophy in the humor category. He has also had illustrations and comics published in various publications by other publishers and collectives.