Hulu renews Future Man for a third and final season!

Hulu renews Future Man for a third and final season!

The American streaming service Hulu, announced today (9) that it renewed the series Future Man for a third and final season!

With 8 episodes, the production didn’t get a return date.

Starring Josh Hutcherson, in comedy we accompany a guy who is socially inadequate and with low self-esteem, who works as a caretaker and has a unique happiness the video game ‘The Biotic Wars’.

When he reaches the final stage, he discovers that the game was actually a training of the future, with the aim of recruiting human beings capable of stopping the imminent invasion that could end life on Earth. The problem is that he is not even interested in playing the good guy and saving the planet.

In the first season we see the character take down fight with the gang and still form a team with Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) that should return for new episodes.

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The second season begins in 2162, when Josh (Hutcherson), Wolf (Derek Wilson) and Tiger (Eliza Coupe) realize that the mission they carried out in the first season did not work. Now, Stu Camillo (Haley Joel Osment) is in power, and has a plan to relocate humanity to Mars.

A shadowy organization called “Pointed Circle” seeks to recruit Josh to take down Stu, but will they be the good guys, or will it be Stu? On the other hand, while Wolf adapts quickly to the strange customs of the time, Tiger struggles with his Biotic identity and seeks a way to escape. Josh decides to join the team in an epic plan to save the world, but their journey through time reaches them, and they must consider their decisions and deal with their consequences.

All episodes of Future Man will be available on the FOX App for subscribers to the FOX + and FOX Premium packages.