How to Train Your Dragon wins Marathon at MIS on the 8th

How to Train Your Dragon wins Marathon at MIS on the 8th

Celebrating the arrival of DVD and Blu-Ray from How to Train Your Dragon 3, The MIS – institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Government of the State of São Paulo – receives on 6/8 The Marathon How to Train Your Dragon, which presents the three films of the franchise, in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Tickets for the sessions, free of charge, can be picked up one hour before each session at the MIS reception.

1 pm | How to Train Your Dragon (Dir. Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, USA, 2010, 93 min, free, blu-ray)

Hiccup is a young Viking who defies tradition when he befriends one of the deadliest enemies – a ferocious dragon he calls the Toothless. Together, the unlikely heroes have to fight everything for their world, in this “wonderful and fun success!”(Today).

15h | How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Dir. Dean DeBlois, USA, 2014, 102 min, free, blu-ray)

Five years after convincing the inhabitants of his village that dragons should not be fought, Hiccup lives with his dragon Night Fury, and these animals have peacefully integrated the routine of the inhabitants of the island of Berk. Between sky trips and dragon races, Hiccup discovers a secret cave, where hundreds of new dragons live. The place is protected by Valka, mother of Hiccup, who was removed from her son when he was still a baby. Together, they will need to protect the world they know from the dangerous Drago Bludvist, who wants to control all existing dragons.

17h | How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Dir. Dean DeBlois, USA, 2019, 104 min, free, blu-ray)

Determined to make Berk a true libel to the ideal of peaceful coexistence between men and dragons, Hiccup and his friends follow after hunters, not only to free their prey but also to prevent the unbridled killing of animals. The group’s effort catches Grimmel’s attention when he finds out that among them is Banguela, a legitimate Night Fury. The villain then develops a plan to capture him at all costs, using a captured female of the same species as a weapon.


Marathon How to Train Your Dragon at MIS
Where: Museum of Image and Sound – MIS | Avenida Europa, 158 – Jardim Europa – São Paulo / SP
When: June 8, Saturday
Schedule: 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm
Ticket: Free (ticket withdrawal one hour before each session at the MIS reception)
Classification: Free