How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 12 – Let’s Hurt Him

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 12 - Let's Hurt Him

Things will not be easy for Annalize, and Tegan ends up being quite a help, showing how How to Get Away with Murder start to squeeze, including with the arrival of a death sentence for our lawyer. Halfway there we have Xavier …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The discovery that Pollock is with Xavier came quickly to Annalize and in this story it was Frank who won the revenge against the man by kidnapping him and trying to get information that could put them in front of the FBI and everything too Birkhead.

In the end it is Nate who goes after Xavier and discovers the connection of Governor Birkhead and Jorge, knows more about the death of his father, which was a game to take Annalize and make his case in the supreme federal. When asked by Xavier and seeing him beg for his life, Nate can’t take it and kills Laurel’s brother.

Back to the plot, Annalize when approaching Michaela and Connor ends up recording them and using it against them, as she takes everything to court and manages to get the death penalty off her. But it may have complicated all of them … Only that she keeps the part of Gabriel’s information.

And that’s when Vivian returns to add to the drama. She makes it clear to Gabriel that Hanna is quite dangerous, so she never told him about her aunt, and we’ve already seen that she can be a very treacherous person. When she goes to confront Annalize, the lawyer makes it clear that she left her son out of the audio for having talked to her before.

So Hanna comes up again and must change the dramas once again. How to Get Away with Murder, since Vivian must tell this story of Sam’s life to everyone.