How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 10 – We’re Not Getting Away with It

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 10 - We're Not Getting Away with It

After a long hiatus How to Get Away with Murder is back and we are going straight to the unfolding of Michaela and Connor’s arrest and the death of an important character, but what intrigues us is what Annalize will do?

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Michaela and Connor were arrested on charges of murdering Asher, but the FBI has thrown all the problems at the start of the series, such as the death of Sam, Rebecca and everything. What they do now is protect themselves, so each makes a deal with the FBI, as long as both are protected.

Connor is not alone, his parents are becoming more active in the process, and even Oliver is looking for a way to save her husband. But he is smart and makes the deal, as is Michaela, who has her father hiring the best lawyer to protect her.

In the meantime we see Bonnie and Frank running out of time, but with flashbacks we can’t see much about how Asher was killed, his last contact was with Gabriel, who is tense.

Nate appears, but does not do much, leaving only Bonnie to throw Miller’s death in his face. What everyone wants to know in the end is where Annalize is…

So we have her looking for someone to leave Mexico … Annalize is skeptical about all that, accompanies a woman, but gives up when she sees the car and who is in it. Running out, she is ambushed by the Mexican police in conjunction with the FBI. Who denounced it? Solomon, Michaela’s father worried about how she will overcome all of this.

How to Get Away with Murder it already brings Annalize back to the plot… Let’s see what she will do in the next episodes and what Connor and Michaela will do.