How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 08 – I Want to Be Free

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 08 - I Want to Be Free

AND How to Get Away with Murder ends up needing to release the reality about Muller to help Nate’s case and get Birkhead closer to being arrested, but again we have Xavier Castillo involved in the matter.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The series split dramatically between Annalize, Nate’s case and the boys’ college part. But it is the discovery of some things from the future that change the dynamics of the perception of the future and what probably happened to Annalize.

At present Tegan and Bonnie do their best to put Birkhead on trial and Nate is willing to go into it, because he wants his father to have a quiet afterlife, but he doesn’t think about the shit he did after learning about it.

That’s when Annalize and Frank come in and end up bringing up information that clears Muller’s name, because everyone now knows that Xavier is behind this, and with that Bonnie painfully blames herself again, because she helped Nate kill Muller. I don’t know what her destiny will be in the series, but she must pay somehow.

In the midst of this, Annalise puts the Snow White case and how she and the Seven Dwarfs may have killed the Evil Queen and promises to give the more than $ 60,000 to anyone who arrives with something real.

Going from abuse to a father who wants the death of his stepmother, Connor, Gabriel, Michaela and the other students try their best, but it is Asher who ends up taking the prize, as he ends up understanding that they did not find the body, and so the Evil Queen set up for Snow White… So, we have some explanation about the paths of the series.

Asism, in the near future, Annalize uses an app to start faking her own death and simply disappear from the map, with the right to a new identity and a whole simulation … What should her funeral pay, which in the end can be false.

Let’s see how far How to Get Away with Murder will follow this last season.