How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 06 – Family Sucks

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 06 - Family Sucks

How to Get Away with Murder this week focused on Asher’s family and showed moments of joy for him, but with a very intense turn, as well as Michaela, who learned more about Solomon. The strangest thing is how Annalize is hanging herself from problems…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Michaela, who no longer knew what to do with Solomon’s check, decided to tear it up for good, especially after seeing that more lies permeate her life. Solomon and Annalise had an affair … Michaela even asks if she is not really her mother, in a moment of anger.

Asher is getting closer to his mother and Chloe is fundamental. He comes to think that all that was important for that family moment, but during a dinner his mother says what he shouldn’t and again drives him away. Alone he resorts to those who have always been by his side, at all times: Michaela.

The two then get back together, but there’s the problem Gabriel in the middle …

Frank continues to rest and Bonnie is always by his side, and he goes so far as to tell her that he loves her, but she thinks it is the drugs, only he reinforces that he does not. And it’s Bonnie who talks to Connor making it clear that she was the one who chose him for Annalize’s clinic the first year because she felt a connection with him.

Bonnie is also the one who deals with Nate’s dramas, who gets Tegan’s promise that she will go after those responsible for her father’s death, as long as he forgets her and Cora’s life. And even with the request, she doesn’t forgive Cora for acting on her back.

Finally, we have Annalize asking Solomon to help make a document asking for distance from the Castillo. The most interesting thing is how they get to know everything, in a bizarre information network that raises suspicions that they are tapping their phones, forcing them to break the devices.

Only it can be much worse than that … We can have an informant within the group.

In the future, Tegan is unable to access the dead person’s body while Bonnie is at home and when her doorbell rings it is bloody Asher…

At this point How to Get Away with Murder there is the FBI with Michaela and Connor, only he is feeling sick in the interrogation room, Tegan trying to solve the problem, Bonnie and Asher together, missing Annalise, Nate and Oliver.