How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 04 – I Hate the World

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 04 - I Hate the World

Things have been happening very slowly in How to Get Away with Murder, even though they are still on the way to ending their plots. Here we still had some moments Connor and Oliver, but Michaela is still the center of attention.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Michaela went after her father, Solomon, and even with Gabriel going to support her, she showed that if things are not as she wants, she prefers to isolate herself and hit her head. The worst thing is that in the middle of his lecture, she ends up stealing the scene, only that, after she tries to find him and unmask him, she ends up telling him that she knows who she is and that she always wanted to have contact with her… Now it’s waiting how things will turn out in the next episode.

Connor and Oliver are going through a moment that they decide to open the relationship and to have sex with three but this agitation ends up making Asher a little uncomfortable, because he thinks he is a special guy and no woman wants him. And it is this thought that ends up bringing the case of the week, but in closing, he gets a date, but ends up discovering it is his sister, Chloe, wanting to talk to him, since he ignores her.

The case of the week is for a disabled boy who believes that the dating app has an algorithm that disadvantages minorities and he hopes the programmer and owner of the app will change that, and he doesn’t want money. The point is that she sold the algorithm to the government and does not intend to tamper with it.

Annalise still understands that this algorithm can cause problems for LGBTQ +, blacks, Latinos and everything else, but it still helps her win the case. They discover that the boy is an incel, who believes he is in involuntary celibacy, and blames women for not having what he thinks he deserves. It was strange to see him linking this to Asher in some way, but him having more of a head.

Teagan still has a lot of drama to live on, especially with Nate working with the FBI and bringing information that can complicate her, which is where Bonnie ends up wanting to get away from him, as she thinks he is blind after justice, just like he did killing Miller. Teagan has a connection to Castillo money, but it’s not money Laurel gave him to run away or something.

In the end we still have Gabriel understanding that Annalize hit on Sam, but there is still a lot to be worked on over the audio that he is listening to, but it is the arrival of Frank in pieces that should move the plot a little.

How to Get Away with Murder need to focus and luck that we are in the last moments, because apart from the sensational performances of its cast, the script has left something to be desired.