How to Get Away with Murder | 6 × 02 – Vivian’s Here

 How to Get Away with Murder |  6 × 02 - Vivian's Here

How to Get Away with Murder it is developing and trying to give reason to the other characters for some of them to have killed Annalize, here we have Vivian, Tegan and mainly Michaela.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Vivian and Annalise’s confrontation could have yielded more, but Annalise, knowing what Gabriel did, used this to ask the two to leave and leave them alone. Vivian was frightened by the truth and even discovered that Gabriel had already met Sam, that he tried to go after him, but his grandmother forbade him to speak to him. The FBI has a weapon to go against them …

The way Bonnie gets information about Vivian ends up getting the FBI’s attention and so they manage to get her out of office, leaving the prosecution free of Annalize’s advances.

Meanwhile, Frank searches for Laurel and ends up finding a safe, only Jorge doesn’t know what can really contain him and talking to Annalize they connect the dots. Wes had already said that the truth would come out and that everything was in a safe … That’s when Frank impersonating Wes, discovers the empty safe and that Laurel removed everything from there 3 days ago.

Michaela and Oliver end up looking for clues from their father, so that she can meet him and try to understand what happened, why he killed his mother, and with each clue found and followed, she gets closer to him. Only she despairs when she finds out that he died in the last year, which makes her angry with Annalize, who knew everything and never passed it on to her.

Asher and Connor end up in a pro-bono case of an immigrant boy who is being held in prison and with the help of Tegan, they resolve the case by alleging torture for such a young immigrant. They win the case and Connor feels complete with it, as he has been showing signs of instability for some time.

In the end we see a flashforward of Michaela being questioned about the weapon that killed Annalize and that had her fingerprints on it. The weapon is the harpoon she hit on the cushion throwing her hate, and when she sees it, she asks for a lawyer.

How to Get Away with Murder walks towards its end, but walks slowly, but giving text and content for everyone to stand out on the scene.