How to Get Away with Murder | 5 × 13 – Where Are Your Parents?

 How to Get Away with Murder |  5 × 13 - Where Are Your Parents?

Now with 2 episodes left for the end of the season, How to Get Away with Murder finally it took a turn and brought some twists and turns that really cheered me up and highlighted other characters.

The series does not seem to know what to do with many of its characters and it is the case of the students of Annalize, who end up being around the plots, but does not have an interesting role. In this episode Laurel pulled the dramas back to her, made a decision that leaves us agonized at the end of the episode but that’s it.

Michaela and Gabriel have a chemistry, but there is the fact that he lied to them a lot, so they are in a very strange atmosphere between them. It’s the same atmosphere that we ended up having with Pam and Asher, but I thought it was sensational that a woman has her needs, making her son Connor uncomfortable.

And Connor and Oliver have a rush to settle, since the FBI is after their wedding to understand Miller’s connection to the event. Connor deletes Miller’s pictures from his mother’s cell phone, and has Asher as an excuse.

It is logical that the series has to have a passage from Ophelia, the wonderful mother of Annalize. The moments between the two are always intense and full of love, affection and attention. The dinner they prepared was great, had a good time as always, especially the story Ophelia told, and Annalise later denied it to Nate, saying that she would never give her food, that it was Celeste’s thing.

Now, Teegan “settling” with Telesco and that taking her out of Annalize’s case was a way out that I would never have imagined, and to see the two of them thanking themselves then … But it is the way they return with the governor that shocked me!

Birkhead is accused of being involved in the death of Nate’s father and with that in Miller’s, especially with Nate playing a game for which an old mafia is to blame, the same linked to Birkhead, only that it brings a new document… Birkhead tells to Annalize that who is behind all this is Emmett Crawford …

The same Emmett, who alone in the kitchen with Annalize, gets stirred and almost kisses.

How to Get Away with Murder promises an electrifying next episode and we look forward to it.