How to Get Away with Murder | 5 × 10 – Don’t Go Dark on Me

 How to Get Away with Murder |  5 × 10 - Don't Go Dark on Me

AND How to Get Away with Murder he decided to start putting his plans on the table and leaving everyone almost on the same foot of information. Miller’s death is highlighted and new evidence can complicate Nate and everyone involved.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The one who suffers the most in this process is Bonnie, who in addition to losing love, needs to pretend that nothing happened, get lost in memories, create false ones, and keep reminding him of his affection in his mornings. The problem is that she goes to Seth and gets the prison calls and listens to Miller’s, who simply asked them to carefully transfer Nate’s father, because he is his employee.

I didn’t feel a confession at this point that he asked for Nate Pai’s head, and that should change Bonnie’s relationship with Nate and even Annalize a lot.

Nate ended up having to go to Annalise to resolve this issue, just as she was settling with Eve, who apologizes for hearing about Sam’s e-mails and not telling her. The question is how far Gabriel will go in his story, as he tries to even hear the versions of Laurel, Michaela, Asher, Connor and Oliver, but in vain.

I laughed at Emmett arriving and coming face to face with Eve when he went to deliver his subpoena to Annalize, and he talking to Teegan about the lawyer was hilarious, especially talking about interests and sexuality. Even Michaela had her moment to remember her ex.

As Asher working with Miller and Bonnie, it was necessary for him to know what had happened, only to see that the FBI is investigating the disappearance thoroughly, and until death will be a leap, from a federal prosecutor, he ends up being placed against the wall by Michaela and Laurel, as they both saw blood on Bonnie and Christopher.

The interesting thing is that even Jorge Castillo was remembered because of the death of Denver, I think Laurel’s father should also return to the plot with everything.

Oliver continues to investigate Gabriel, afraid that he will do something against his friends.

I thought that How to Get Away with Murder was going to take a turn, but made yet another episode of small responses to create its bigger plot. A few good times, and I don’t know if the series can go any further …