How to Get Away with Murder | 5 × 09 – He Betrayed Us Both

 How to Get Away with Murder |  5 × 09 - He Betrayed Us Both

The return of How to Get Away with Murder brought the flashbacks, but not to show what happened in the hiatus time jump, but rather to situate ourselves in the relationship between Annalise and Sam, and everything that happened with the two, Frank and Bonnie. It was cool, but the series seems a little lost …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Gabriel put Annalise against the wall, but only to find out what really happened to Sam and she shows him Wes’s recording and tells about Lila. He doesn’t know who to believe and calls his mother Vivian after going home and reminiscing about the only casual encounter she had with him.

In the flashback we see Annalise wanting to adopt a child after losing her son and Sam asking her to enjoy her own grief, while he went running after the son he had with Vivian. The problem is that Gwen does not want him to get close to Gabriel and Vivian is not introduced to us, leaving the series to make us this mystery.

The coolest thing was to see Frank’s desperation, the way Sam put him against the wall and then he turned on Sam for knowing about Vivian and Gabriel. Another one that stood out was Bonnie, who did everything for Annalize. At the end of the episode we have

And we have the return of Famke Janssen on the Serie. Her Eve came back in the past by putting Frank against the wall to find out about Sam’s email, and in the present she appears with the same email and showing Annalize that she has always been deceived by her late husband. Your return will surely cause problems …

Now, the other characters were just guessing events … Michaela, Laurel, Asher, Oliver and Connor just locked in the house and talking about the possibility of Gabriel being dead, Laurel finding blood on Christopher’s blanket, and just … Not a more intense chat from Connor with Asher rolled over.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Frank talk about what happened to Miller, even though the students expect him to help with something without knowing about his death, and Nate promises to help them resolve this situation.

Now it is to see the paths that the series will guide and the situation of How to Get Away with Murder for the next, if any, seasons. At least we have Viola Davis always rocking the scene.