How the Red Hulk can appear in Marvel’s Phase 4

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THE Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can transform the general Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) at Red Hulk. Even having been in the franchise for 10 years, General Ross never appeared as the red villain. So far.

The Red Hulk

As published on the website, the Red Hulk is about to arrive at the MCU. Appearing for the first time in 2016 in the film , General Ross returned in small roles in and .

In the comics, General Ross turns into the Red Hulk after going through an experiment that exposed him to the powers of Pump Range in Bruce Banner.

Marvel has not confirmed whether that is the intention, but because of Ross’s increasingly frequent appearances in the films and the way the MCU is expanding the “Hulk universe” after the intelligent Hulk fried his own arm saving the universe destroyed by Thanos in , everything indicates that the Red Hulk may arrive in the next Marvel Phase 4 projects.

red hulk

The Red Hulk and the Black Widow

General Ross will be involved in the launch of Marvel’s Phase 4, as he is expected to appear in , the film that opens the 4th phase. He only appeared in one scene throughout the film’s marketing campaign, but he may be more prominent in the feature.

With occurring between and, various points in the life of Natasha Romanoff will be explored, and that could give the film a chance to show young Ross and what motivated his career decisions.

not only can you show Ross before or fill in the gaps between that moment and the events of, but you can also show how your life is after.

The comic from the prelude shows that Ross is hunting Natasha after she turned against the Sokovia agreements to help Captain America.

In addition to showing your past, you can also show how and why Ross became the Red Hulk. Published images showed Ross using a cane to walk and may indicate that his health is in poor health.

If that is the case, Ross may have tried everything to regain his strength. Maybe even using gamma radiation for that, which could be the element that made him the Red Hulk.


What the Red Hulk means for the future of the MCU

green hulk and red hulk

Regardless of whether Ross became the Red Hulk during or at, his introduction would be a great addition to the MCU. He is the Hulk’s greatest villain in the comics, and can now be used as an enemy of the MCU.

According to, the transformation of General Ross into the Red Hulk would give Banner an objective in the MCU – namely, to stop Ross. Another possibility is for Ross to introduce Thunderbolts in the MCU, since he was a member and leader of the team in the comics.

Anyway, if the Red Hulk join Phase 4 of the MCU we will have much more excitement in the Marvel Universe.