How the Harry Potter saga helped many cope with depression

How the Harry Potter saga helped many cope with depression

The universe of Harry Potter, in addition to being a fiction created by the author Joanne Rowling, it also addresses urgent and important social issues that exist outside this so popular fantasy series that composes 7 books and 8 films, which have already broken box office records.

How the Harry Potter saga helped many cope with depression

It is possible to create countless parallels and analogies on various subjects in the author’s universe with that of contemporary society in which we live, among them is class inequality, media manipulation, racism, abuse of power and depression.

Focusing more specifically in the context of depression, it is necessary to analyze the personal experiences of the author herself who has already suffered from the disease and always advises fans of the saga on the subject.

According to JK Rowling, one of the most frightening and profound creatures in Harry Potter was the personification she managed to find for pathology. This mystical being is the dementor, which is described in the book as follows:

Harry Potter.

The spell that serves to fight the dementor (Expecto Patronum), is the materialization of an animal that represents the wizard’s personality. In books it is presented this way:

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This spell, when paralleling the means of improvement for depression, can be considered psychological support after therapy sessions and care for the individual’s mental health.

A fan of Rowling’s universe, Luana Souza, said on her blog how understanding the relationship between Harry Potter and depression helped her to fight this disorder:

Being in a state of depression like this is desperate because you stop feeling (…). This story came to my life when I needed it most (…). Reading these books made me laugh again. When everything was going bad again, I whispered ‘expecto patronum’ very quietly, in the hope that things would get better.

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Another example of help that the saga gave to its fans is described by Sally Burns when publishing on Twitter:

Dragging myself through another serious attack of depression and rereading the Harry Potter series to strengthen my patron. A million thanks to JK Rowling for the magical escape that is always there when needed.

In a few minutes the writer replied to the fan on the platform itself: “These stories saved the author too. Nothing makes me happier than thinking that they are going to the world to do the same for other people. Keep that powerful patron. ”

Unfortunately, today’s society puts pressure on young people in such a way that it favors the growth of the disease in increasingly young people, as depression is gradually more severe among adolescents. Knowing that entertainment and the culture of reading can help young people to improve from deep sadness, in addition to providing leisure and the dissemination of knowledge, is very rewarding and important.

In this way, we can see that certain guidelines are much deeper and that the context of a magical universe can enchant and influence the reader and / or viewer in unimaginable ways.