How many people has James Bond killed in his films? check out

How many people has James Bond killed in his films?  check out

James Bond, 007, has become the most famous secret agent in cinemas and over the past few decades, he has participated in several films and few actors have had the privilege to play him. The character is known to have a license to kill, and by the way, how many people has he killed over the course of his features?

In 24 films released so far, 6 actors have had the chance to play 007. Thus, we will divide the number of deaths by each of its interpreters.

Sean Connery

The famous Scottish actor was the first to play James Bond in theaters. In total, Sean Connery killed 68 people as 007.

The greatest number of victims of Sean Connery was in the film Com 007 only if he lives twice, from 1967, in which he took the lives of 21 people.

George Lazenby

The Australian actor brought the secret agent to life in just one movie: 007 – Her Majesty’s Secret Service, released in 1969. George Lazendy’s James Bond killed six people.

Roger Moore

Roger Moore was the actor who played James Bond most often in seven different films. As a result, his version of the secret agent killed many people: 121 people.

In Octopussy alone, his penultimate film in the shoes of the secret agent, there were 64 deaths.

Timothy Dalton

Few people remember that Timothy Dalton also played James Bond in his career. In his only two appearances as the secret agent, he killed 20 people, exactly 10 in each film.

Pierce Brosnan

Those in their 30s often associate Pierce Brosnan with James Bond, as the actor played him throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

In just four films, his version of the secret agent killed 103 people. The record came in his first feature as 007: in GoldenEye, he caused 34 deaths.

Daniel Craig

Craig is the current performer of the secret agent in theaters, but he must say goodbye to the role in No Time to Die, which opens in November.

Surprisingly, Daniel Craig’s James Bond killed 279 people, a record among all actors who have played 007. In Specter alone, 007 caused 235 deaths. And there is more to come, precisely because of the debut of Sem Tempo Para Morrer.

Adding all the actors, James Bond has already killed 597 people. And as it has virtually eternal life in theaters, that number will only continue to increase.