How Logan messes up the X-Men chronology even more [SEM SPOILER]

Como Logan bagunça ainda mais a cronologia dos X-Men [SEM SPOILER]

If you are a fan of the X-Men comics and the idea of ​​continuity, the mutant films probably gave you some huge headaches. For example, the saga managed to kill the X-Men named Banshee in its youth, which technically eliminated the mutant Siryn from existence. That wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t introduced the girl in an earlier film. This is just one of the many ways that the X-Men timeline has been ruined to the point where each film could also be its own separate story.

Now, it seems that Logan, in many ways, continues the X-Men Cinematic Universe tradition of screwing up his timeline beyond repair. See how:

Mr. Sinister’s relationship with Cyclops and Jean Gray

essex corp x-men

Logan’s synopsis says that the hero and X-23 need to join forces to defeat Nathaniel Essex – Mr. Sinister. It is revealed that his company is at the forefront of developing mutant weapons like the young Laura Kinney – X-23. However, it seems quite bizarre that Mr. Sinister’s first suggestion comes in a film that has nothing to do with Cyclops or Jean Gray.

Basically, Mr. Sinister is obsessed with Summers and Gray, believing that a combination of his genetic material would create a genetically superior mutant. In fact, he was basically right: Cable – Nathan Summers – a character who will play a huge role in the next Deadpool sequel, is Cyclops’ son – Scott Summers – and a woman named Madelyne Pryor, who was actually a clone of Original Jean Gray.

Many of Mr. Sinister’s interactions with the X-Men are centered on his experiments and obsession with Cyclops and Gray. In fact, in a decidedly gross turn of events, Nathan – Cable – is practically named after the man responsible for his existence, albeit through a complicated set of circumstances. However, by forcing Sinister and his biological interests into Logan, we created an introduction to the character at a time when his favorite pair of mutants no longer exists.

Which brings us to another problem …

Mr. Sinister’s relationship with Cable

cable marvel

Logan takes place in 2024. X-Men: Apocalypse suggests that Scott Summers and Jean Gray meet and fall in love as teenagers in the 1980s. Deadpool & Cable is the Deadpool sequel that promises to introduce us to Summers-time traveling offspring and Gray in the present times. However, if you look at all these films, there is no set-up for Cable to exist anywhere in the timeline. Jean and Scott had no children in any of the previous films. Although the two were brought back to life by the events of Days of Future Past, there doesn’t seem to be enough time for Nathan Summers to become the gray-haired mutant we – and his best friend Wade Wilson – know about.

Cable would have to come from a future at least a few decades after what we see in Logan. We would also need to see evidence that Mr. Sinister or his company got Jean and Scott’s DNA – which would justify Madelyne Pryor, but you may have noticed that Famke Janssen was not cast in the cast.

Should we be surprised that X-Men films just shit chronology? This is the same franchise that completely ignored that Mística should be the mother of the Nocturne … And they have appeared together in two films! I’m sorry to be worried that Cable is going to be played in the X-Men Universe with no plausible explanation other than “he’s mad, Deadpool is playful, and that’s pretty crazy.”

Professor X is still alive… Who knows how


In the original chronology, Professor X – Charles Xavier – was murdered by the low-budget version of the Black Phoenix in X-Men: The Final Showdown.

Only not. In a post-credit scene, we see Professor X’s conscience resurfacing for his longtime love interest, Moira MacTaggert. He appears in another post-credit scene, this time in Wolverine: Immortal. This is significant because there is never an exact explanation for how Xavier survived the events of The Final Confrontation to play a key role in Days of Future Past … Or how he was even aware of the alternate timeline created by the events of this film. And don’t tell us it is because he is psychic, because it is a mess. Superhero or not, we want answers.

On top of this confusion, we now have Charles Xavier playing an important role in Logan … Probably just because the contract with Patrick Stewart was expensive and covered more films. One of the most frustrating aspects of this is that we are still not sure which Wolverine films are linked to the official X-Men chronology and which are not. In fact, there is no way to know which Logan timeline occurs! Professor X’s unexplained presence only makes things even more confusing.

X-23 is introduced decades later than it really should exist

x-23 logan

In the comics, X-23 meets his biological father while the X-Men are still active. As seen in the trailer, Logan introduces us to the character after the X-Men are extinct. In other words, we are meeting an important character decades after it technically existed. It doesn’t help that the final credits scene from Apocalypse – yes, another scene after the credits – sets up Logan’s X-23 appearance. In this brief clip, we see members of Essex Corp. taking blood samples for the Arma X program that will eventually create the X-23.

The implication here is that the most brilliant geneticist in the Marvel Universe is inexplicably unable to create a clone using a blood sample collected in the 1980s until at least 30 years later. This bizarre turn of events gives us Laura Kinney, born too late to join the X-Men. The additional messes of time travel could result in Cable’s form. But then, we also don’t know exactly how it should logically exist in this Universe of X-Men films.

Does anyone else need an aspirin?

Wolverine’s claws

logan wolverine 2

If your head is already prepared to explode, I will present one more problem in the chronology now: Wolverine’s claws. In the original chronology, Logan’s bone claws were coated with adamantium as part of the “Arma X” project.

So far, so good. But at the end of Days of Future Past, we see Wolverine left in the hands of Mystique – impersonating William Stryker. Although Stryker was instrumental in making Wolverine obtain his famous claws, Mystique was not. This means that (1) Mystique left him in the hands of the same people responsible for torturing his fellow mutants to death and (2) the real Stryker was somehow able to switch places with her without any problems – without him or anyone else asking questions, inclusive.

And if that’s not enough, don’t let your head pound, consider the events of Wolverine: Immortal. In this film, Logan lost his metal claws and most, if not all, of his healing skills. The ending – another post-credit scene – implies that Magneto and Professor X recruit Wolverine because of a threat that finally manifests itself in the form of the events of Days of Future Past. For some reason, Logan has his adamantium claws back in this film. And when he goes back to the past, he’s really surprised that he doesn’t have them.

Regardless of whether Logan is the sequel to Wolverine: Immortal or Days of Future Past, there is no clear explanation as to why he has metal claws instead of his bone claws. Especially when the trailer tries to make it clear that Logan is aging due to the loss of his healing factor.

Ultimately, you’ll probably have or had to turn your brain off to Logan

logan wolverine 3

One thing is for sure: Logan is an exciting roller coaster. Given all the holes in the plot of the films, it’s probably the best job, if you don’t think about the inconsistencies of the previous ones. In fact, Logan’s biggest hit was letting go of the chronology.

Regardless, we still have Cable’s time travel, which guarantees that the X-Men films may or may not be fun, but they will never be consistent. After all, it’s a comic book movie. The solution is always a retcon or an ex-machina.