How fanfics came about

harry potter fanfics

Fanfic is the abbreviation of the word Fanfiction, which means “fan fiction” in free translation. They are fictional stories based on films, series, books and fictional or real characters. Usually, we see these stories published on specific websites or on blogs about a certain topic. But the history of fanfics begins much earlier.

harry potter fanfics

We can quote Sherlock Holmes as one of the best known characters of all time. Since it was published, that is, in the 19th century, fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work published, in magazines, discussions and fanfics about his characters.

The origin of the term itself comes only in the 70s, when fans of various science fiction story communities, especially those of Star Trek, started publishing fanzines (unofficial publications produced by fans) and alternative stories based on characters from the universe. of the plot of the series.

In the 90s and 2000s, with the beginning of the internet, these stories started to be found on websites and blogs for the sole purpose of publishing fanfics. And the number of productions soared.

On the site, one of the oldest of its kind and which is up and running today, there are more than 50,000 stories based on and more than 800,000 based on, to name a few examples. But we can find everything on these sites.

There are several styles and genres, in addition to those in which the meeting of characters from different stories takes place, such as the joining of e, for example. Rossovers, as mentioned above, are the short stories that do not need to be continued; , a genre of lighter and considered cute stories; (), in which the characters are inserted in a different universe from the one in which the original story takes place; among others.

With such success, some fanfics were actually published in books and then turned into films. The Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy was born from a fanfic of the Twilight saga and the After series, from a fanfic about the band One Direction.

The internet played a fundamental role in the expansion of this world. Thousands of people read and write from their cell phones. Currently, several sites provide fanfics of the most diverse genres and characters, just create a free account to read and / or write.

Fanfics can (and should) be written by anyone and always aiming to have fun, working as a hobby. Welcome to the world of fanfic, several stories await you.

Some sites where you can read fanfics: