How does Superman get his hair cut?

How does Superman get his hair cut?

Superman is an almost indestructible hero who has very few weaknesses, and you don’t even have to be the biggest fan of superhero comics to know about his characteristic. It is not for nothing that he was nicknamed the Man of Steel. And that applies even to his hair. So, how does he cut it? Understand below.

In the early days of the character, as with other comic book figures, the answer to this question was ignored. In fact, it took some time for readers to become aware that Superman’s hair (and also his beard) could not be cut in a conventional manner.

The truth was revealed in issue # 251 of Action Comics, published in 1959. After Superman aged artificially, he tried to cut his beard with scissors, but it didn’t work.

Some time later, some answers began to emerge. First, it was explained that he did not need to shave because while in the light of a yellow sun (which gives him his powers), his beard and hair did not grow.

Then it was established that his X-ray vision was capable of cutting his hair and beard. So much so that on one occasion, he asked for help from Krypto and Supergirl, after his beard and hair grew inexplicably.

In 1986, in the reboot The Man of Steel, the writer John Byrne revealed to the public that yes, Superman’s hair and beard grew normally. And that to cut them, he used his vision of heat, reflected in a piece of video (which doesn’t make much sense, since the object should melt, but we’re talking about comics, right?).

And that method really caught on. A good example is the recent Superman Rebirth, which shows the hero using a piece of glass plus his vision of heat to get a shave.

In this sense, the hero is also people like us, isn’t he?