How does representativeness contribute to the end of racism?


Throughout history, black people have struggled to earn their place in society. Unfortunately, even today, the reflections of the slavery era are present in several social spheres, contributing, even, for people of African descent to find so many difficulties to have space in prominent areas.

On the other hand, all the resistance and struggle have resulted in great achievements and inspired millions of people around the world, both to let their voice be heard, and to discuss the importance of having black people taking on places of great relevance. This whole scenario raises the question of the need for black representation and how it can be a very useful in combating racism.


Importance of representativeness in combating racism

Representativeness is characterized by the representation of the interests of a certain group, class or movement. More than that, it is part of the construction of each one, of the development of self-esteem, especially during childhood and adolescence. Thus, ensuring that representativeness exists and continues to grow is fundamental for combating racism.

Through it, it is possible to give a voice to these people, so that they transmit information and continue to inspire both black people to develop racial awareness, to have an incentive to achieve their goals and to occupy prominent positions in society, as well as people who are not, to become aware of their privileges, absorb knowledge about the cause and pass it on.

Over the years, representation has grown, giving space to people like Maju Coutinho, anchor of, the first black woman to present, in the artistic milieu as Viola Davis, actress who played great roles in films and series and became the first black woman to win an Emmy as best actress.

In fiction, we can mention the film, which was a huge milestone for black people. Children or even adults who spent their whole lives trying to identify themselves, get inspired by some superhero, but the fact that the most prominent roles were always with white actors made it very difficult.

Understanding the importance of representativeness is a huge step towards combating racism. Opening space, giving opportunity for black people to assume prominent positions, will allow broader debates about racial prejudice in the contemporary world; sharing their experiences will encourage parents to explain, in the best possible way, why it is an extremely delicate topic, what racism is to their children and, consequently, making them aware adults. Understand that racial inequality is a reality and how to contribute to change this situation.