How are the actors of the tokusatsus Jaspion, Jiraiya and Changeman

How are the actors of the tokusatsus Jaspion, Jiraiya and Changeman

To fill the gaps in its programming caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Bandeirantes channel again reprized the tokusatsus Jaspion, Jiraiya and Changeman, which marked the childhood of many people in Brazil and had not been shown on open TV for over 20 years. And how are the actors in the series? Check below, with information from the UOL website.



Hikaru Kurosaki (Jaspion)

The actor who gave life to the series’ protagonist abandoned his artistic life in the early 1990s. Today, he works as a diving instructor.

Kiyomi Tsukada (Anri)

The interpreter of the famous partner of Jaspion participated in a few more tokusatsus, such as the Machineman Nebula Mask before also abandoning her acting career. Later, Kiyomi Tsukada moved to the United States.

Junichi Haruta (MacGaren)

Junichi Haruta played MacGaren, son of Stan Goss. He participated in other similar attractions and remains active. Now, he dedicates himself to Japanese novels and miniseries.

Hiroshi Watari (Boomerman)

The actor lived the policeman who helped Jaspion several times also went on to work as a stuntman, singer and choreographer. He has already come to Brazil twice to participate in events.


Takumi Tsutsui (Jiraiya)

Takumi Tsutsui is still active and has also started to work as a voice actor. The actor has participated in several events in Brazil.


Haruki Hamada (Change Dragon)

The actor continued to work in theater, TV series and films and also became a voice actor and newscaster.

Hiroko Nishimoto (Change Mermaid)

The actress married shortly after Changeman broke up and abandoned her career. Later, he started to act as a reporter.

Kazuoki Takahashi (Change Griffon)

Takahashi also participated in other famous tokusatsus until he decided to venture into the field of soft porn, less explicit and intense pornographic films, in the 1990s. The actor also reprized the role of Change Griffon in 2011 for another series.

Mai Ooishi (Change Fênix)

Since the end of the series, Mai Ooishi has only made quick appearances and tips at other attractions before retiring.

Shiro Izumi (Change Pegasus)

The actor appeared in other tokusatsus – including Zyuranger, who served as inspiration for the creation of Power Rangers – before also ending his career.