Homeland | 8 × 12 – Prisoners of War [Series Finale]

 Homeland |  8 × 12 - Prisoners of War [Series Finale]

And the last episode of Homeland couldn’t start and end differently. Right from the start we have Brody and his justification speech for everything he did in the first arc of the series and it was great to remember the character of Damian Lewisat the same time, this reinforces Carrie and puts Claire Danes even stronger in the face of your character’s adversities.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

9 years later, Carrie still puts her intuition above everything, including that which should be her greatest friend and confidante, and so she confronts him about Anna, does not discover the truth, and ends up needing to take drastic actions. I was in shock with her applying the drug to Saul and even then I couldn’t find out who the informant was inside Russia.

It remained for her to simulate his death, go and fetch his sister, and then discover that he left her a document, there he gave all the details of everything he does, including his informants. This is how she manages to confront Yevgeny and name him Anna.

Before that, it is interesting how Saul confronts John and he thinks he is the supreme intelligent and does not back down in his actions, even not wanting to change Ben’s mind. David still tries to argue with Saul about how to act, but Tasneem’s Pakistan is willing to strike back at the attack that did not kill Jalal.

When Anna is cornered, she kills herself, but because she gave her name, Yevgeny releases the truth and Russia releases the black box making it clear to the world that the deaths of Presidents Warner, USA, and Daoud, Afghanistan, were an accident and not an attack. John’s bleak face at the thought that he could have started an endless war was very tense.

Another thing that really caught on was that Carrie never got to pick up something about Frannie, her daughter and der Brody, which leaves Maggie unresponsive. Saul knew that there was a reason behind it …

With everything concluded and with Russia without any infiltrator, life goes on and two years pass, where Saul is on the move and ends up receiving a call from a former informant looking for him. He finds it very strange, mainly because he is his connection point with Anna, and when he understands the occasion, he discovers that there is indeed an infiltrator in Russia.

Carrie is living with Yevgeny, promising to help him with Russia intelligence and even a book about her is released “Carrie Mathison – Tyranny of Secrets: Why I Had to Betray My Country”, only Saul knows he has something more in it, and inside the spine there is a note about how Russia sold missiles to Iran and Turkey, but that he has a fragile problem …

They will follow the specifications. Stay tuned“.

Homeland it had a sensible ending, closed all of Carrie’s stories, while keeping the story of the rivalry between the United States and Russia going. The series ends, but it doesn’t end, only better than that was to see incredible performances by Davis and Mandy Patinkin.

For me, it’s another series from my time of Commented Episodes that ends and leaves me nostalgic.