Homeland | 8 × 11 – The English Teacher

 Homeland |  8 × 11 - The English Teacher

One step from your last episode “The English Teacher”Makes a retcon to put the Kremlin informant on the Homeland and how Saul and Carrie will look after all the game they have to play in their last moment.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Carrie no longer knows where to run and ends up trapped in Langley to answer important questions about her connection to Yevgeny, and then she opens up to Jenna about everything she talked to the Russian about and his request to deliver the black box. The question is, who is Saul’s informant?

The entire investigation by the two agents does not go very far, but when Carrie manages to go to a man in witness protection, she begins to make connections with an English teacher.

The retcon of the episode is the return until 1986, and after the fall of the Berlin wall, where we see Saul meeting Anna after she shows that she is trustworthy and wants to take revenge on those who shot her students and they were innocent.

After Saul fights with John, he goes to a meeting where he starts yelling at Makarov about him knowing where the black box is, and when he is taken outside, Anna overhears the ambassador’s conversation with other companions.

The montage shows Carrie turning over Saul’s books and linking them with a timeline of important events, but it’s the books that come from Moscow that catch her eye and she finds a little piece of paper in each spine of the books. At the same time, Saul receives another note from Anna stating that Yevgeny is the one in charge of the whole move on top of the black box.

Kill Saul“Asks Yevgeny.

Carrie does not have the name of the infiltrator when she goes to speak to Yevgeny and is irritated by him ignoring the impending war, since Ben was nobody, only John and launches missiles for a group in Pakistan, which promises to chop up. Yevgeny then suggests that she kill Saul, since she does not have the name of the infiltrator.

Carrie could be a new version of Brody, replaying some plots, but she is different, her mind is sharp, and even if there is intuition, Yevgeny plays with her memories, so she is not on the side of the Russians, she is just being manipulated and very well.

The last episode of Homeland promises a lot, and I hope the series concludes its journey in a very honorable way, as it always did during its seasons ..