Homeland | 8 × 10 – Designated Driver

 Homeland |  8 × 10 - Designated Driver

Homeland he walks towards his final moments and here he draws an even more intense atmosphere for the characters and for the administrations of the countries involved in this Russian game. Now the Russian agents who are in charge of the situation, while Haqqani jokes about being a leader like his father was.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Saul listened to Carrie and understood the most important thing, Yevgeny is in possession of the black box and Russia knows very well that President Warner and Daoud’s helicopter crash was the result of mechanical failure, but without evidence, the agents cannot act to avoid the conflict on Pakistan’s borders.

Pakistani Ambassador made it clear to President Ben, who barely had a speech, as John Zambel pulled the dialogue to himself, which will maintain the supremacy of his country’s borders, and that if the United States invades to catch Jalal Haqqani (who I wrote Jamal erroneously in previous reviews). The offensive climate gets more and more intense.

If Saul, speaking to the Russian ambassador, Makarov, understood that they know what is going on, but that they will not give in, Carrie is caught by Yevgeny who makes it clear that she delivers the black box, as long as she and Saul give their name of their spy inside Russia. Otherwise, it will let countries kill.

Carrie then surrenders to the American embassy and confronted by Jenna, makes it clear that she is not on the side of Russia and that she just wants to resolve all of this. Jenna talking to Mike decides to go to the border to talk to the soldiers, but ends up being surprised.

Jalal does not want to be seen as weak and is willing to take action and one of them is to put his father’s old friend, and who is against his actions, facing the frontiers, otherwise he will destroy his family. Then he prepares a car bomb and runs into a bus with American soldiers …

Homeland leaves to resolve its friction in the last 2 episodes, but the plot is so well tied and developed that its 50 minutes seem like hours and hours, but it is not tiring, on the contrary, it is intense and full of nuances. Looking forward to the 11th.