Homeland | 8 × 09 – In Full Flight

 Homeland |  8 × 09 - In Full Flight

Homeland continues his saga and continues intense and full of twists and turns, and as I mentioned in the previous episode, things always change and here we see the USA and Afghanistan getting complicated when going to the border with Pakistan after Jamal Haqqani.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jamal is protected by Taliban men, he is not concerned with the United States, since the people who follow him, whether from Pakistan or Afghanistan are already mobilized in his favor and his beliefs, the same as those of his father. Not even Tasneem can convince him to change, even playing in his face that it was she who rescued him when he was expelled from the Taliban by his father.

In Afghanistan, G’ulom has little to do, just wait for the United States to take his bait and join the war against the Taliban and thus prove strong. And Ben Hayes ends up doing this, he stops listening to David properly and focuses on John’s guidelines, which are always wrong, since he has no diplomatic tact and can complicate things with allied countries.

When Saul fails to get Carrie back, Mike and Jenna end up telling him that he needs to leave for Washington, that there will be new directions, especially about a war to overthrow Jamal, who hurt the United States by overthrowing the president.

Carrie on call tells Jenna that she has information from the black box, but that she needs to get people away from her, to investigate further. When after much hardship she gets Saul’s money to buy the black box and hear that the fall was a mechanical problem, Yevgeny shows who she really is and drops her.

Homeland again brings someone cheating on Carrie, but I think that just as Yevgeny knows too much about her, she also knows a few things about him, eager to know how things will go from here, as a war is imminent.