Homeland | 8 × 07-08 – F ** ker Shot Me / Threnody (s)

 Homeland |  8 × 07-08 - F ** ker Shot Me / Threnody (s)

What I love about the series Showtime these arches start and end in parts every 4 episodes, Homeland started to develop, had a turnaround at the end of the 4th episode and now in episodes 7 and 8 again we see everything change and dictate another direction for the unfolding of the series’ plots.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Carrie may be being deceived by Yevgeny, but so far he has given her everything he wanted, even with her hiding until the last second that she knows where the dead presidents’ helicopter black box is going. Her loyalty to Max went to the last moment, showing her strength and how she was arrested by all the people she is involved with, even if a Russian agent.

Saul would be able to take it out in an interesting way and relocate it in the case of Warner and Daoud’s death, but the army would not let her go up without being handcuffed to the rescue helicopter, so she runs off with Yevgeny and tells about the black box.

The two spies focus on the search for Haqqani and how to convince G’ulom and Ben not to worsen the relationship of countries by declaring war on the Taliban without knowing if they were the ones who shot down the helicopter, but both are willing to end Taliban power and tell your truth.

The problem is that inside Ben’s office there is John Zabel, who comes to replace David, but he has no knowledge of war and acts on the impulse, putting everything to lose, even if David wants to put cold cloths in the situation.

When Ben is going to give a speech about Haqqani’s death, John gets a video of Jamal talking about his father’s death, of how even he was shot, he got up for another breath, thus getting the leadership of the Taliban, the problem is that in the video he assumes the plane crash, which is a lie.

At the end of the episode, even with Saul and Tasneem struggling to get all the problems out of the Taliban and avoid something worse, John manages to make Ben deliver a speech that puts Pakistan and Afghanistan one step away from the war if Jamal is not turned over.

Homeland once again it leaves everything to the skin, whether in the political relationship, or in the relationship with Carrie, and for the last season, the series is developing in a sensational way.