Homeland | 8 × 06 – Two Minutes

 Homeland |  8 × 06 - Two Minutes

When we thought that everything would be easy, Homeland always likes to complicate things, but the best that the episode could do was to highlight doubts about sanity and especially Carrie’s loyalty.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In every episode we always see Carrie acting suspiciously, but here the worst moment was when she went to visit Yevgeny even though she was looking for information from Max, especially when we found out that he knows too much about her life and may have a persuasive power. huge over her actions.

When Carrie comes back to pick up lists of words to be identified in the Taliban’s listening, she disconnects the listening connection in an important area of ​​the country for 1 minute, and right after that even Saul cannot understand what is going on in his head.

Of course, Carrie would be sent out of the country, but she again escapes Jenna’s sight and ends up meeting Yevgeny, who rescues her at the airport, increasing the suspicion that she would be a new “Brody” for the series, acting together with the Russians.

Max was captured by an Afghan who does not appear to be directly linked to the Taliban, as the first thing he does is take his backpack and go sell American things, without knowing that he was carrying a black box. Max wakes up just wants to know about the backpack, but his things are far away…

And without the black box, what we will have is a war, since G’ulom wants to kill 300 Taliban and wants Haqqani’s head, and even Ben doesn’t know how to act like the new president of the United States. Saul still tries to argue, other generals are looking for a way to calm things down, but it is difficult.

The only thing that can take all of that fear out of circulation is the black box and to help Haqqani surrender to the American Consolation, you can’t expect many good things from that.

Homeland rummages through your puzzles and promises almost literally explosive discussions.