Homeland | 8 × 05 – Chalk Two Dawn

 Homeland |  8 × 05 - Chalk Two Dawn

I think that Homeland would turn the corner on the death of his character, but now Carrie has to race against time and prevent an internal power war from happening in Afghanistan, since President Daoud was also in the helicopter.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The point is that while Max is looking for a way to retrieve the black box from the helicopter at Carrie’s request, she starts thinking about a way to prevent more deaths from happening, since she is the one who connects the dots and ends up discovering the exchange of the the president’s helicopter and this exchange may have inadvertently sent a bad aircraft.

President Warner is dead, and the new President Ben is left to assume his responsibilities, such as following Afghanistan’s direct order to bomb the helicopter crash site so that the Taliban do not take the President’s body and mutilate it on the internet. David strongly reinforces that now Ben has to hold the reins of the country firmly.

Saul is unresponsive and tries his hardest to hold the information before telling it to Afghanistan attending the event, but one of the government men ends up telling G’ulom that he is now the acting president and he goes and declares martial law in the country until they catch Haqqani, leader of the Taliban.

Homeland it has had its twists and turns and now it will be a race against time to show the truth to the world. I really liked Max and how he silently conveys so many things to us, great performance from Maury Sterling.