Homeland | 8 × 04 – Chalk One Up

 Homeland |  8 × 04 - Chalk One Up

The episode seemed lukewarm most of her time, Carrie still acts weird, but Homeland he knew how to save his surprise for the final moments of the episode, bringing a twist to the peace agreement with the Taliban… The question is: will the Taliban be responsible for what happened?

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Carrie remains very suspicious of everything that has happened by her side, and then she is sent to Bagram, to receive someone and she finds out that he is President Warner himself. There are light moments, but soon she has to go and rescue Samira, leaving Warner’s escort.

Samira after her husband’s death decided to stay in the city instead of going to her village, which makes the family of the deceased angry because it is dishonorable and she needs to remarry. When pressed, she ends up asking Carrie to help her and ends up being rescued, but Carrie finds the weapons in the car of her brother-in-law, Bilal, who went to pick her up. There’s a lot more behind …

It turns out that even Max thinks everything is calm, just like the young men in the army who believe he brought some peace, but right after Warner’s peace declarations, they end up discovering that the Chalk Two helicopter was shot down, and in the search for them, Chalk One is also cornered and with a bazooka is knocked over.

We don’t know Warner’s fate, his deputy was already working to take over and even David had been surprised. I think the peace agreement was flawed, no one knew what was going on, especially Tasneem and Abdul who only know about the agreement when the president makes the announcement. She still tries to get out of there, but Saul stops her.

As things unfold, the series creates conflict, assembles groups that want an end to peace, but above all, puts the characters in a very difficult situation, mainly for shocking them with the turnaround.

And we look forward to President Warner’s fate in Homeland, which intensifies the conflict in Pakistan.