Homeland | 8 × 03 – False Friends

 Homeland |  8 × 03 - False Friends

Homeland has been focusing on his outside drama, where Russian agents and the Taliban are involved in something that could take away world peace … Carrie is lost in this plot, while Saul must deal with the intelligence to keep Haqqani keeping his promises.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Carrie’s mind remains a mess and no one trusts her, neither Mike nor Jenna, but Saul puts her in front of him to take action. Her meeting with Yevgeny was confusing, she doesn’t know how to work with her mind, but she thinks about taking him to the CIA, only that I still think he has other plans for her and will know how to access the necessary memories for that. Using Franny’s knowledge was important for him to stay active and make her lie to Mike.

Saul was in trouble, but Haqqani, calling his only son, Jalal, to talk, ended up connecting the dots and discovering that he was the one who set up an ambush to remove him from power and thus have the factions to himself. Saul and Haqqani talking about the future and how he wanted his son to go the other way was very strong.

The fact is that Haqqani knows about his son’s connection to Tasneen, we just don’t know how far that will be considered. In addition, she rescues him when Haqqani decides not to kill his son and only humiliate him before all the men in his house.

In the US government, Vice Ben begins to devise a way to overthrow President Warner and David warns him of the actions he has taken. Once again the top echelon of the government is unstable and in danger of being replaced.

Homeland keeps its drama and political game up to date and delivers yet another excellent episode, highlighting Numan Acar.