Homeland | 8 × 01 – Deception Indicated

 Homeland |  8 × 01 - Deception Indicated

And after a long wait, we finally reached the 8th and final year of Homeland and Claire Danes, beside Mandy Patinkin, are sharper than ever in an explosive plot and full of twists. Carrie is more out of her mind than ever and I am already curious to know what happened to her in the 7 months she was in custody of the Russians.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What we see on this political side is the Taliban approaching the Russians and taking control of the situation, which leaves Saul and the United States unaware of what is going on, since they were under agreements. It is then that he needs to put Carrie into action on account of his information network.

Only doctors and agents are skeptical about approving her going to Kabul, but Jim points out that she didn’t pass the polygraph test. Carrie’s mind keeps playing tricks on her and showing mixed situations of dread and everything. I no longer know what to think about what she did, but it is clear that she talked too much while she was with Yevgeny.

When she escapes the eyes of agents in Kabul to go to an informant, she learns that the Taliban discovered that he was working with the United States and so they killed him in the public square. Finding this out and still meeting Yevgeny in Kabul makes her even more disturbed by having these whites in her mind.

Meanwhile, Max manages to enter a group of American soldiers and tamper with a device that makes him able to intercept Taliban messages and calls.

Homeland arrived with everything, has already shown that it will put Carrie in a very doubtful situation, and force her to speak the truth, even though she doesn’t know what that truth is, since her mind is playing tricks on her, but it is certain that the drama will still be more intense, and after the fake news, I want to know what else the series can bring us.