High School Musical: cast of new series released

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High School Musical was one of Disney’s biggest hits in the 2000s and will now return with a new web series that had its cast released this Friday (15th).

In addition to Joshua Basset, as already announced by Cinema10, the cast includes the names Olivia Rodrigo, Kate Reinders, Sofia Wylie, Matt Cornett, Dara Renee, Julia Lester, Frankie Rodrigues and Larry Saperstein. All cast members already have tickets in popular series and films such as Modern Family, Andi Mack, Mom and Crazy Friday.

Officially called High School Musical: The Musical, it will focus on the relationship of Ricky, a sarcastic boy who believes he is not good at anything, and Nini, the girl who broke up with him and for whom he is about to do anything to recover: including to write for the school musical.

With script by Tim Federle (The Ferdinando Bull), the first season should have a total of 10 episodes that will accompany the organization of East High school theater students for the winter season and its format will be documentary, with the characters telling about the preparations for the big event and the events that precede it.

The debut preview points to the end of 2019 and should arrive as an original Disney + product, Disney’s streaming platform.

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