Hebe – Estrela do Brasil is one of the highlights of the Gramado Film Festival

Hebe - Estrela do Brasil is one of the highlights of the Gramado Film Festival

Hebe – The Star of Brazil, film based on the story of the famous presenter Hebe Camargo, will participate in the Gramado Film Festival, one of the most traditional in the country, which in 2019 will August 16th to 24th. The event will mark the premiere of the film for the audience showing on the day August 21, which will be attended by the director, Maurício Farias, and part of the cast and crew: Andrea Beltrão, Danton Mello, Marco Ricca, Carolina Kotscho (screenwriter and producer), Claudio Pessuti (producer and presenter’s nephew), Lucas Pacheco, Fernando Nogueira and Clara Ramos (producers) and Luciane Nicolino (art director).

The press conference on the feature is scheduled for the day August 22, with time yet to be confirmed.

The feature was selected for the competition show and competes in the categories of Best Film, Best Actress (Andrea Beltrão), Best Direction (Maurício Farias), Best Screenplay (Carolina Kotscho), Best Photography (Inti Briones), among others.

There could be no better place for the first screening of Hebe – The Star of Brazil than the Gramado Festival. The film will be presented in a city and to an audience that breathes national cinema and we are looking forward to that moment“, Says Maurício Farias.

The feature film Loma Movies in co-production with Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Globo Films, Hebe Forever and Labrador Movies, with distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures, brings Maurício Farias in the direction, screenplay by Carolina Kotscho, Inti Briones in the direction of photography and actress Andrea Beltrão playing the queen of Brazilian television Hebe Camargo in the 1980s.

The cast of Hebe – The Star of Brazil still has Gabriel Braga Nunes, Danilo Grangheia, Otávio Augusto, Claudia Missura, Karine Telles and Daniel Boaventura.

Hebe – The Star of Brazil hits theaters on September 26.