HBO reveals first images of the new season of The Bronze Garden

HBO reveals first images of the new season of The Bronze Garden

THE HBO releases the first photos of the new season of The Bronze Garden, original production of the channel. The second phase of the series was filmed entirely in Argentina.

The new plot, created by Gustavo Malajovich (bestselling author El Jardín de Bronce, which inspired the first season) and for Marcos Osorio Vidal, begins after Fabián Danubio’s reunion with his daughter, Moira. While trying to build a life with her, Fabián will get involved in the search for a 15 year old boy who has been missing for six months. The case was neglected by investigator Doberti, who was dedicated only to the search for his daughter Moira at the time of his disappearance.

Besides Joaquín Furriel, in the role of Fabián, remain in the cast Luis Luque (César Doberti), Juliet Zylberberg (Lidia Blanco), Maite Lanata (Moira), Claudio Tolcachir (Iván Rauch), Rodolfo Ranni (Ernesto Danubio), Mario Pasik (Carreras) and Fernanda Callejón (Julia Doberti). Already Paola Barrientos, Claudio Rissi and Marcelo Subiotto debut in the new season.

The series The Bronze Garden is run by Hernán Goldfrid and Pablo Fendrik. Executive production is Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Ríos and Paul Drago, gives HBO Latin America Originals, it’s from Adrián Suar and Diego Andrasnik, gives Pol-Ka.

The first season of The Bronze Garden is available at HBO Go.