HBO Max orders three pilots: prequel from From Magic to Seduction, horror series and more!

HBO Max orders three pilots: prequel from From Magic to Seduction, horror series and more!

THE HBO Max must be released with plenty of original content.

According to information from the TVline, the streaming service of WarnerMedia ordered three pilot projects to be transformed into a series.

WarnerMedia announces HBO Max, its own streaming service, featuring Friends and original productions!

The first is a series prequel in Practical Magic, 1998 film with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman who received the title of From Magic to Seduction in Brazil.

With executive production of Melissa Rosenberg, in Marvel – Jessica Jones, the show will accompany three brothers – Franny, Jet and Vincent Owens – living in New York in the 1960s and struggling with abnormalities that need to leave them isolated.

The Owens family comes from a line of witches, and the series will accompany the three dealing with mourning, wars, and the dark arts, and a curse that lasts for millennia and keeps them from loving.

The sisters Franny and Jet became the Aunts of the Kidman and Bullock characters in the 1990s film.

The second approved pilot will have executive production of John Wells. The horror series will have a title Red Bird Lane, and will accompany 8 strangers who arrive at a detached house – for different reasons – until they realize that something sinister and scary awaits them there.

The last project commissioned is from the producer, actress, and screenwriter Lena Dunham. With the title of Generation, the series will accompany a group of students at school as they explore the secrets of modern sexuality (with app, gadgets and everything in between) amid strong questions about life and love within a conservative community.

Zelda Barnz wrote the script for the series and will produce with her parents, Daniel and Ben Barnz with Dunham.

The trio of projects joins with a reboot /new version of Gossip Girl, Love Life, series with Anna Kendrick, Made For Love with Cristin Milioti, new animated series by The Flintstones, and more.

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HBO Max is scheduled to launch in 2020.