HBO announces the cast of the original series Homeland

HBO announces the cast of the original series Homeland

The cast that will play the protagonists of the first original Spanish series of HBO, Homeland, is already confirmed. The production is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Fernando Aramburu, a public and critical editorial phenomenon that won the 2017 National Narrative Award.

Elena Irureta will be Bittori, Txato’s widow, played by the actor José Ramón Soroiz. Their children Xabier and Nerea will be played by Iñigo Arambarri and Susana Abaitua. Ane Gabarain Miren, Joxian’s wife, will play Mikel Laskurain. The couple’s three children will be interpreted by Jon Olivares (Joxe Mari), Loreto Mauleón (Arantxa) and Goya winner for best new actor Eneko Sagardoy (Gorka).

Homelandwill feature eight episodes of one hour each, with script and production of Aitor Gabilondo. The series is an original production by HBO Europe with participation from HBO Latin America. Filming will begin in March and will take place mainly in Soraluze, Elgoibar and San Sebastoán, in the Basque Country, with some locations in Madrid.

The story

Homelanddevelops over three decades in Euskadi (Basque Country). Through its protagonists – two families divided by the consequences of terrorism -, the series shows how ordinary people live in the context of a conflict that, despite being local, has several elements similar to those of other clashes in many parts of the world.

The life of Bittori and her family changes completely the day ETA kills her husband, Txato, at the door. Relations with the family of her friend Miren, whose son is a member of the terrorist group, are severed. At the same time, everyone will have to deal with grief and moral contradictions, while life takes its own course, putting new elements on the path that will also determine the future. Will they ever be able to forgive, eliminate conflicts and unite again?

The team

Homelandis an original production by HBO Europe with the participation of HBO Latin America, and will be produced by Alea Media, a producer founded in 2017 by Aitor Gabilondo and which has the participation of Mediaset. One of the most prominent creators in Spain, both in script and in production, Gabilondo has among his works the series Vivir sin permiso and El comisario and the great success El Príncipe. Félix Viscarret and Óscar Pedraza will be the directors.

The technical team, which will be led by Félix Viscarret and Oscar Pedraza as directors of the series, is also already escalated:

Clara Bilbao will sign the production costume. The costume designer received three Goya awards for her work in Blackthorn, Nobody wants the night and The shadow of the law. Among his latest works are Sunday’s emptiness, Tiempo después and La Tribu.

The person in charge of photography for the series will be Álvaro Gutiérrez, nominated for Goya by Under the stars. He also signed the photograph of Bad day for fishing, Everyone is dead and La niebla y la doncella.

Juan Pedro de Gaspar will be responsible for the production design. He is one of the big names in his specialty in Spain, and has already received two Goyas: for Blackthorn and The shadow of the law. Among his latest works are My war lasts, The thermodynamic laws and The queen of Spain. Gaspar also collaborated with Paul Greengrass in Green area and with Steven Soderbergh in Che 2: The Guerrilla.

Karmele Soler and Sergio Pérez Berbel will be responsible for hairstyle and makeup, respectively. Both have already been nominated four times to Goya in their specialties and Soler won the award for The skin I live. They will carry out the transformations of the actors in the various timelines of the plot of Homeland, which will show the main characters at different stages of their lives.

The series will be assembled by Alberto del Campo and Victoria Lammers. Alberto del Campo won a Goya for El Reino, was indicated by That Dios loses us and worked on Stockholm and in the Oscar nominated short Mother, as well as in its adaptation for feature film. Victoria Lammers was part of the assembly team for My war lasts, Everyone already knows, Summer 1993 and Snowden – Hero or traitor.

Homelandit will start filming this year and should premiere in 2020, simultaneously in all territories of HBO Europe. It will also be shown to all HBO Latin America subscribers and will be available to HBO subscribers in the United States.