Has Iron Man ever built an armor made of Adamantium?

Has Iron Man ever built an armor made of Adamantium?

Whether in the comics or in the movies, we all know that Tony Stark / Iron Man has already developed several types of armor to assist you in your battles against your various enemies. But many fans of the hero wonder: has the billionaire already built one of his costumes with adamantium in the comics?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the metal present in Wolverine’s body is very rare. And since Tony Stark has developed several armor during his life as a hero, there should not even be enough adamantium for that.

Metal is also absurdly expensive. Yes, Tony is a billionaire and has lots of money, but since he has built a lot of armor, it could become too expensive even by his standards.

Adamantium is also a little malleable metal. Once it hardens, there is no way to return it to a liquid state, so it is quite complicated to use to create an Iron Man armor. It is not for nothing that it was only used for simpler things, like the claws of Wolverine, for example.

But that also doesn’t mean that Tony Stark never used adamantium to create one of his armor.

In the Execute Program story, Iron Man is in trouble after a hacker invades and controls part of his armor, causing various problems around the world. And in this confusion, we discovered that one of them was made of adamantium.

And in the middle of it all, we ended up discovering that Tony also had armor made of vibranium, the metal responsible for the Black Panther’s costume and that only exists in Wakanda. And it is the only metal that can destroy adamantium.

Thus, Tony had no choice but to use this vibranium suit to destroy the adamantium suit, which was controlled by the hacker.

Well, as far as we know, that was the only Iron Man armor built with adamantium. But yes, at least one, Tony Stark managed to build.