‘Harry Potter’ and other 50 movies and series will leave Netflix tomorrow

‘Harry Potter’ and other 50 movies and series will leave Netflix tomorrow

In response to numerous fan requests, the Netflix added films from the franchise in your catalog. Months later, some of these films will be removed from the giant.

harry potter will leave Netflix

In addition to Harry Potter, another 70 films and series will leave Netflix in early April. Check out the full list of these titles and watch them before they are removed.

Movies and series to be removed from Netflix on April 1

This dramatic series shows the early years of the relationship between criminal profile specialist Will Graham and homicidal cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Harry accidentally finds a mysterious book that clarifies the sordid life of the evil Voldemort and prepares, together with Dumbledore, for battle.

Young peasant recruits pirate captain Jack Sparrow to help rescue a maiden from the hands of rival buccaneers and faces supernatural forces.

Orphan Ella must deal with the terrible treatment she receives from her stepmother and half sisters, until an unexpected encounter makes everything change in her life.

A young woman leaves her foster family to become a luxury prostitute in São Paulo and documents her new life on a popular blog.

When a giant wave crashes over a New Year’s cruise ship, passengers must fight for survival.

Riley Parks tries to balance her two lives: at home, she is a mother and a fighter; in a massage parlor, she has special clients.

Still thirsty for the power of the Smurfs, the wizard Gargamel creates the Danadinhos, an evil version of the little blue creatures.

Other films and series to be removed on April 1

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